Understand trajectories of objects in this "Rescue Mission" example using Programa.

Working with spreadsheets in this inventory management example

See how easy is to visualize large data files and make graphs using Programa

See how objects interact with planets in this "Mission to Mars" example using Programa.

See how easy is to access and process big data using Programa

Understand projectiles of objects in this example using Programa.

You can also create games and have fun while learning how to code

Business Applications

Create 3D Objects for 3D printing


Amazing things you can do with programa !!!

If you are not familiar with programming, watch this short video to learn some basic programming concepts before you explore Programa

See how many things you can learn with Programa 

5 mins with  PROGRAMA

See how Programa can help you learn how to program computers faster than any other solution and how Programa can make computer programing a gratifying experience

See how Programa bridges the gap between block based learning tools and full blown programming languages


Education & Games

The easiest way to learn how to write computer programs

Programa ​will be initially deployed as web and tablet app

You have been in the workforce for many years. Everybody around you writes code for computers, tablets, and smartphones. Do you want to learn how to program computers to better communicate with your co-workers? Would you like to develop quick prototypes for your ideas?  Programa is the tool for you. It will help you learn how to write code quickly and easily without the need to spend time studying textbooks and manuals.

... professionals

Want to work on fun projects with your children? Want them to learn how to program computers so they have an incredible advantage on their future? Programa offers an easy to use environment that can help you do this … and the best part, you don’t need to have computer programming experience … you can learn side-by-side with your children. 

... parents

An integrated tool that accelerates learning of computer programming

... teacherS

Computer science education is essential for all children to succeed in an ever challenging and competitive working environment. Most of the schools today do not teach computer science …. this must change. Want to change this and add computer science to your school’s existing curriculum? If you are one of the few where computer science classes are implemented, wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that can improve participation and success of your students? Want to give your students a new path to future success?  Programa provides an easy transition from the simple block-based programming methods to full-fledged programming environments in a fun and easy environment.  Programa is designed to make sure children are successful when they trying increasingly complex computer programming projects.

Want to learn how to program computers and obtain some awesome skills for your future? Want to build your own video games? Programa is exactly the tool you need to easily learn how to code in a fun and rewarding environment.

... students